Corollacade was a project done through Ogeeku for Toyota. The goal was to make an arcade-style driving game that showcased the new 2014 Corolla's features utilizing the Oculus Rift and virtual reality. Aaron Rasmussen designed and implemented the game with his team at Protagonist, which included Philip Ramirez for some of the Unity scripting and Daniel Cahill on the 3D modeling of the interior of the car. It was a tough problem from a game design perspective, because the driver wouldn't be able to race or do anything illegal with the car, which is usually the focus of driving games. The entire project was completed in under 3 weeks with some extremely long days and nights and included 6 possible achievements, scripted events showing the driver + 4 passenger seating, working backup camera with parallel parking, LED headlights, working bluetooth button to answer a call, and the Corolla's expansive moonroof. It also included a custom city, 3km long forest track, force feedback through the logitech G27 steering wheel, dual-video out to an Oculus Rift and the main arcade screen, and a number of HMD-specific custom shaders. The game didn't experience a single bug throughout filming. Jon Brence from Ogeeku headed up the project's client relations and oversaw a team to construct the cabinet (with working coin slot and brake lights) and document the process on video. The target video featuring YouTuber Swoozie received over 340,000 views.

Finished cabinet ready for filming.

Corollacade on engadget